Working in an interdisciplinary team of young motivated employees.

What is the A-LAB

The ATLAS Laboratory (A-LAB) is an in-house research institute for the maritime technologies of tomorrow, where academic issues and industry meet. A-LAB provides a place for undergraduate and graduate students to complete student research in an interdisciplinary, innovative environment.

Within this framework, PhD research topics are supervised together with internships and bachelor’s and master’s theses. The possible topics are widely spread and are oriented towards the development areas of ATLAS ELEKTRONIK. When working on research topics, students and PhD students are supported by experts from the respective departments through a mentoring programme.

Various lecture series and discussions within the A-LAB team are aimed at promoting creativity and cooperation among undergraduates and PhD students. The A-LAB was founded in 2021 and has been under continuous development ever since.

Offer for PhD students: the ATLAS PhD Programme

With the ATLAS PhD Programme, you are given the opportunity to advance an academic/scientific topic within an industrial environment. At the A-LAB, you will receive support with the technical challenges of your research topic as well as expertise in the PhD procedure with a university to be determined in each case.

Doctoral candidate contracts provide you with a secure income during your PhD studies and allow you to concentrate fully on your research topic. The PhD Programme offers you the freedom in terms of time and subject matter to shape your topic according to your own ideas.

Through the ATLAS mentoring programme, you will receive technological and professional support and establish important contacts in the specialized departments. In the course of your doctorate, your career aspirations and opportunities within our company will be evaluated at an early stage. This gives you the best possible launch into your professional career.

If you are interested in the ATLAS PhD Programme, please look for opportunities in our

open positions

Offer for students

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK offers various entry-level opportunities for students. Bachelor’s and master’s theses on research topics as well as internships can be completed as part of your studies. Often, these research topics are supervised in the A-LAB by the PhD students themselves, so that there is a close exchange with many other students. Remuneration is guaranteed by our framework agreements, also for students.

Another possibility is to participate as a working student or in marginal employment. Here you can take on a secondary job during your studies and support our specialized departments in their day-to-day business.

If you would like to take advantage of one of these opportunities, then take a look at our



Dr. Julien Hansen

Head of A-LAB

In 2021, Dr. Julien Hansen set up A-LAB as an in-house research institute, working together with PhD students and undergraduates to develop the new maritime technologies of tomorrow.

In 2009, he started his bachelor studies in micro- and optoelectronics at Bremen University of Applied Sciences. Subsequently, he completed his Master’s degree in Electronics Engineering there.

He started his doctoral work in the field of laser technology in 2015 at HELLA in Lippstadt and completed the PhD thesis in 2018. He then took over as head of pre-development and series development for lighting technology at HELLA in the “Special Applications” division . He was awarded the doctorate at Technical University of Berlin in 2019.

With his industry doctorate in cooperation with the TU Berlin, he is the ideal contact person for the PhD students in the A-LAB.

Since 2020, Dr. Julien Hansen has been employed as Technological Manager for Autonomy and AI  at ATLAS ELEKTRONIK and additionally took over the establishment and management of the A-LAB in 2021.

Dr. Jeronimo Dzaack

Dr. Jeronimo Dzaack is Head of R&D Management at ATLAS ELEKTRONIK, one of the world’s leading suppliers of naval electronics systems. He and his team are responsible for Research & Development, Product & Portfolio Management, Technology & Innovation Management and IP & Patents for the ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Group, headquartered in Bremen, Germany, and its subsidiaries worldwide.

Dr. Jeronimo Dzaack represents ATLAS ELEKTRONIK on national and international committees and expert panels. Among other things, he is a member of the working group “Hostile-to-Life Environments” within the framework of the Learning Systems Platform initiated by the BMBF, the working group “Civil Maritime Security” under the auspices of the National Master Plan for Maritime Technologies (NMMT) and a member of the advisory board of the German Association for Marine Technology.

After his studies of computer science at the University of Bremen, Dr. Jeronimo Dzaack engaged in research as a scholarship holder in the interdisciplinary DFG research training group “prometei” (Prospective Design of Human-Technology Interaction) at the Technical University of Berlin within the context of his dissertation in the field of human-machine systems. Jeronimo Dzaack received his doctorate in engineering from the TU Berlin.

Since the founding of the A-LAB, a large number of students have worked on innovative topics at various stages of their studies. A current overview of the ratio of the number of PhD students to students since the founding of the lab is presented below. In addition, the composition of the team is presented and in which phase of their studies the students joined the A-LAB team.


The A-LAB consists of young researchers from an interdisciplinary set of subject areas. The research topics of the PhD students are oriented towards the specialist departments of ATLAS ELEKTRONIK with the three pillars of Sonar, Engineering and Digitalization.

As one of the largest systems houses for maritime technologies in Germany, ATLAS ELEKTRONIK recognized the scientific and technological challenges of tomorrow facing the maritime sector at an early stage.
The Engineering pillar comprises in particular research in the fields of systems engineering and mechanical engineering with a focus on the challenges of the future.

The three competence centres of ATLAS ELEKTRONIK are combined under the pillar of Digitalization. Especially the future trends artificial intelligence, cyber security and underwater communications (UW Comms) are being pushed forward scientifically within the A-LAB.

In all subject areas, A-LAB also employs working students or students under marginal employment. They support the ATLAS departments in various tasks such as technology scouting, coding support or assistance with selected projects. The following diagram visualizes the task areas of the A-LAB.

Specialized research topics in the three areas of Sonar, Engineering and Digitalization are driven by the PhD students, who are supported by students engaged in bachelor’s or master’s theses as well as by internships.

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